April: knights, princesses and fairytales in the International Kids Center

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We have had a great month in April learning about Knights, princesses and fairytales in the International Kids Center! The children loved the story about Saint George, which we looked at over the month. They especially loved the dragon!


They loved hearing stories about dragons and princesses and really enjoyed making the dragons they took home on Saint George’s day! They also took home a rose that they made and a book that they had fun doing for their daddies.

小朋友们对圣乔治的故事非常感兴趣,知道了龙,公主,而且非常愉快地在手工课上做了一只龙。 在圣乔治节小朋友做了一朵玫瑰花送给妈妈,制作了一本独特的书送给爸爸。

We made a castle in our story! We used lots of techniques, including fingers, brushes and bubble wrap!


We also learned about Earth day on 22nd April. The children painted a picture of the earth!

本月我们还学习了地球日,用我们的手指给地球点缀上蓝色和绿色, “地球日”学习了要爱我们的地球

In Chinese, the children have been learning some new characters which we painted and put on display in the classroom!


In English we have been looking at all the letters and identifying those that are in the children’s names. The older children are very excited by writing and are having lots of fun doing it!

Now it’s May and we are learning about animals! We will learn about different types of animals each week, starting with this week where we are learning about pets! Next week we will be looking at farm animals, followed by the jungle and then the sea!


We would like to ask all the parents to talk about the animals at home and bring in some relevant pictures of the children’s favourite animals. These can be photos of family pets, pictures from magazines, pictures from the Internet etc.

We’d also like to ask you to collect some flowers with your children and bring them to the Centre. We´ll do a big collage with all of them at school.


Many Thanks

El petit pandaApril: knights, princesses and fairytales in the International Kids Center

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