International Kids Center: Welcome to the New School Year!

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We have been working very hard this summer at the International Kids Center…. Now, we are ready!!

There are only a few days left until we start the new academic year and see each other again after the holiday. We are getting everything ready for the start of the year and are very excited about starting again.

This year we have lots of new and exciting things for you to see in our kindergarten and extra-activities. As many of you are aware, we are opening the second floor of the kindergarten and making some improvements in the place which is ready for the children to start. We are happy to count with Miss Lucie, Ming and Xiao-Li, one more year. We also have some new faces: Kate and Jing (Xin Xin), two teachers who are very excited about meeting all of you.

Enjoy the pictures!

El Petit Panda’s team: graphic designer, external consultants: pedagogues and psycho-pedagogues, the staff and the faculty: working at the International Kinder, with the older in extra- activities and at schools, all of us, are absolutely thrilled to maintain our position as one of the most culturally diverse communities in Barcelona and a place where students experience joy and success on a daily basis. The International Kids Center, and El Petit Panda is truly a unique and inspiring place that offers learning experiences that transcend the typical school experience. At all levels, thought provoking questions are asked, opinions and ideas are openly shared and, maybe most importantly, meaningful relationships are formed in a way that bring us closer to one another.

On behalf of the entire El Petit Panda team, we hope that all of you have a wonderful start, to the new school year and greatly look forward to seeing you soon.

El Petit Panda

International Kids Center – Barcelona

El petit pandaInternational Kids Center: Welcome to the New School Year!

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