What I Want to be When I Grow Up – January in the Kindergarten

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The children had a lot of fun learning about Christmas last month in the Kindergarten and we had a great time at the party with Santa Claus!

Last month we were looking at Christmas in different parts of the world! The older children brought in pictures of their holidays and we stuck them on a big map that we made for the classroom! They loved showing each other where they had been and talking about and looking at different countries. The children enjoyed it so much, that we have decided to use the map for the rest of the year! We would like to ask you to bring a pictures of your holidays so we can talk about it in class with the children!

January is an exciting month in the Kindergarten! We are going to be learning about different jobs and people in the community! We will also go with some of the older children to visit a shop! It would be great if all the parents could bring us a picture of the place where they work, whether it’s a desk in an office, a hospital, a shop or even your house!

We are knowing about different jobs through the use of games and activities! We will be doing lots of role-play and symbolic play activities, as well as creative and scientific activities! We will also be looking at doing some cooking activities when we are learning about chefs!

Our project this month is going to be about actors, actresses and film directors! Each child is going to star in and film their own mini movie! We will then like to show all the parents their movie projects at the end of the month! Our project is designed to allow the children to use technology in a project, as well as, permitting the children to show others how they perceive the world and what is important or interesting to them. They will also see the importance of creating something where others enjoy the final result.

This month we are going to keep learning our Chinese characters.

We will be looking at,工作gōng zuò, 医生 yī shēng ,消防员xiāo fáng yuán, 警察jǐng chá , 老师lǎo shī ,厨师chú shī ,画家huà jiā , 飞行员fēi háng yuán, 司机sī jī 。(doctors, firefighters, police officers, teachers, chefs, painters, pilots, drivers).

In English we will keep looking back at the phonics and our sight words.

With the two year olds we will be looking at the phonics that we have already been learning Aa – Dd and look at Ee, Ff and Gg. The older ones will be going over the first set of the Dolch sight words for preschool.

We will be looking at the words ‘a, and, the, big, can, for, in, is, it, said, the and too. We will be learning through our reading games in order to make the learning process fun and natural for the children.

Many thanks!

The Panda team

El petit pandaWhat I Want to be When I Grow Up – January in the Kindergarten

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