February in our International Kindergarten

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Saint Valentine’s day, Carnival and Chinese New Year. February is here!!

Dear Parents!

We have had a great January, in the International Kindergarten, learning about lots of different things! We learned about different toys and what we can do with them, different ways of playing and which toys we like and dislike.


elpetitpanda_january_5 We also focused on our continuous topic, which was number 4 and the colour ‘green’ this month in English and number “四sì” and the colour “绿色 ‘lǜ sè’.”

The children especially enjoyed making the colour green! They had so much fun mixing blue and yellow together in lots of different experiments.

This month we also introduced shapes, and our shape of the month was a circle. We learned how to draw them and talked about many objects in the kinder that are circles. We also painted and mixed green with circles which was so much fun!

The children also love learning about the animals and pretending to be different animals in our movement sessions. We have been doing a range of animals in both English and Chinese, from farm animals to jungle animals. They especially love being cats and lions!


Some of our songs from this month included  Miss Polly had a dolly, 1,2,3,4,5, and the ABC song, as we are introducing it to our older children in the group. In Chinese we had lots of fun singing. We sang the colour song and the Animals song, with a variation of animals. 一月我们学了两首中文歌,《颜色的歌yán sè de gē》和《动物歌dòng wù gē》。

We have now started February, which is a very exciting month in Kinder!:

elpetitpanda_january_6The first two weeks will be about Saint Valentine’s day, learning about love, hearts and how to make the colour pink!

On the 13th of February we would also like to invite all the children to come in a costume for carnival!

During the last two weeks of the month, we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and we would like to invite all the parents to come to our Chinese Spring festival party on the 20th February, where we will be singing some traditional Chinese songs and celebrating the new year with all the families. The Party will be from 4:30pm, all close family members are welcome.  Please could all children come dressed in red for our Spring Festival.

Many Thanks!

International Kíds Center – El petit panda

El petit pandaFebruary in our International Kindergarten

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