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April: We have had a great month learning about Space!

The children really enjoyed learning about the different planets as well as the moon and the stars!

They loved making the solar systems, which they all worked together to make. They were very proud of the planets that they made and loved seeing their planets in the ‘sky’!

宇宙 (yǔ zhòu-space )

八大行星 (bā dà háng xīng- Eight planets )

太阳 (tài yáng-sun)

星星 ( xīng xīng -stars )

月亮 ( yuè liàng-moon )

The children have had great fun being astronauts in dramatic play and loved making the astronaut helmets! They werw wearing them and making their own rocket for their ‘Space adventure’ at the International Kids Center!

This month is very exciting! We are learning about ‘life around the world‘! Each week we will be learning about the animals that live in different parts of the world!. The kinder is ready for the adventure.

世界的生命 (shì jiè de shēng mìng-life around the world )

We have started the topic with the coldest areas of the world; the Arctic and the Antarctic! We are learning about all the fascinating animals that live in the cold environments, the children especially love the Penguins!!

Next week will be looking at the rainforest! We will be learning about the Amazon rainforest and the parrots, monkeys, snakes and tree-frogs! We will be looking at where the rainforest is and learning about the cycle of life to the tres.

After that we will be looking at Africa and the animals that live there! We will be looking lions, elephants, giraffes and meerkats.

After Africa we will be traveling across the globe to Asia and Australia! We will be looking at Pandas, Tigers , golden monkeys as well as Kangaroos, Koalas and duck-billed platypus.

We are going to have a lot of fun learning about all these interesting animals and it would be especially great if you would be able to take your children to see the Penguins in the Aquarium as they really like them!



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El petit pandaLife around the world – International Kids Center

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