International Kids Center

English and chinese kindergarten
Chinese and english up to 12 years

Open enrollment for 2024-2025 course

We revolutionise the concept of teaching languages to 0-12 years olds

Be international

International children for a global world.

China is the country with the most financial projection of the developing countries and Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Being able to communicate in Chinese, as well as knowing the culture and traditions, will be a crucial competitive advantage for our children within the job market.

The characteristics of Chinese mean that learning it stimulates the development of mathematical thinking and logic.

Knowing Chinese and English improve the understanding of other languages. By introducing Chinese culture we offer a more complete and real vision of the world.

Learn Chinese and English through play

Languages aren’t studied, they are lived.

  • Emotional links and positive stimulation

    A place where children can feel calm, wanted, respected and stimulated to learn.

  • Immersion in Chinese and English

    The children will associate what the see and hear with the language, without having to neither translate nor think about it in their mother language.

  • Learning through experiences

    Through games, in a subconscious manner, they learn vocabulary, grammatical structures and they internalize phonetics. They live the language.

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International Kids Center

Chinese and English in Barcelona

Immersion in Chinese and English on Mondays to Fridays from 8 am until 5 pm for pre-schoolers, 0-6 years old and from 5:30 pm, for older children. You can also find us on Saturday mornings.

Places of Education

Chinese in your school

We offer the possibility to other places of education of incorporating Chinese, within its subjects, as a curricular or extracurricular subject, covering all levels and ages.

Your home

Chinese closer to home

We provide personal native teachers, trained by ourselves. We apply our own pedagogic programme and all the necessary material for the classes.


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