Take note: Halloween is coming up soon!

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This month, we have welcomed a lot of new faces into the kindergarten and everyone has made a lot of new friends! It has been lovely to see our Petit Panda family grow and everyone settle in so fast!


The theme for the month of September was ‘all about me’, this allowed us to get to know each other and get to know ourselves a little bit better. We started the topic with our body parts and what we look like, we had lots of fun making our faces for the classroom and learning about what we look like in both English and Chinese.

Once we had got to know ourselves a little bit more, we learned about our families, we looked at photos and talked about them. The children loved talking  and hearing about their families!

We have been practicing the ‘Skeleton dance’ in the kindergarten as part of our topic for the body!. Please, see the song here

We have also started doing the phonics with the older children in order for them to learn and recognise the sound of the letters in English. This month we have been focusing on A, B and C. Please, see the song here

moon festivalWe also celebrated the Chinese Moon festival and talked about the moon. We did lots of activities such as painting the night sky and making moons and stars for the classroom!.

We had a lovely party for the festival and we would like to thank all of the parents, who were able to attend, for coming.

We have started our new topic for October! This month we will be looking at a variety of famous painters! We will be doing lots of exciting activities based on art and using lots of different techniques. We will also try to express ourselves through art and interpretation of paintings. Our baby group will also be experimenting with different techniques and textures in their activities!

As Autumn is here, we will also be doing some Autumn projects in the kinder this week and next week! We would like to encourage the parents to help their children collect some autumn leaves for our activities. The children will love finding leaves and doing the activities with those that they have been collecting

We will be ending October with another celebration; Halloween!

From the 26th – 30th October will be our Halloween week in Kindergarten! We will be dressing up everyday of the week!

Here is our Halloween week costume guide:

Monday 26th – Silly socks day!

Tuesday 27th – pumpkin day! (We would like everyone to wear something orange)

Wednesday 28th – crazy hair day! (They can also wear hair accessories)

Thursday 29th – face painting day! ( we will do the face painting in the centre)

Friday 30th – costume day and party for the parents! All of the parents are welcome to come in costumes too!

If you do not wish for your child to have their face painted, please let us know. Thanks for your cooperation!

The panda team!

El petit pandaTake note: Halloween is coming up soon!

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