March: Space adventure in the Kindergarten

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February was a lot of fun in the Kindergarten! We celebrated Carnival, Saint Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year!

The children had lots of fun learning about China, it’s traditions and how they celebrate their New Year!

We also had a lot of fun dressing up for Carnival! The children loved wearing different things each day!

We also learned about love! The children really enjoyed making Valentine’s cards for their parents!

March is another very exciting month in the Kindergarten! We will be learning about Space!

Each week we will be doing a space adventure and the children will be able to learn about all the different things in Space, such as the planets, the sun, the moon, the Earth and the stars. We will also be looking at astronauts, spaceships and aliens on our space adventure!

We will be doing some space science experiments and some intergalactic maths with the older ones! The baby groups will be looking at shapes and textures, and sounds that we can find in space. They will be using an array of methods to learn the basics of space and basic skills whilst having a lot of fun at the same time. 

This month in Chinese we will also be looking at space! – 这个月我们将要探索宇宙yǔ zhòu的奥秘!

We will be learning about the 我们将要学习到关于:

Moon: 月球 (yuè qiú),  Stars: 星星 (xīngxīng),  Sun: 太阳 (tài yáng),  Astronauts: 宇宙飞船 (yǔ zhòu fēi chuán),  Planets: 星球 (xīng qiú),  Rockets: 陨石 (yǔn shí),  Aliens: 外星动物 (wài xīng shēng wù),  And… The solar system: 和整个星际轨道系统 (xīng jì guǐ dào xì tǒng)

We will also be learning be learning the numbers from 4-6 in Chinese.- 我们还将继续学习汉字里的数字从四sì到六liù.

We will be doing lots of fun activities in Chinese! – 还有更多的有趣的活动等着我们去做呢!

We will also be doing an Easter project during Easter week! Please could parents bring us some empty egg boxes for our project? Thank you!

Many thanks!

The Panda team

El petit pandaMarch: Space adventure in the Kindergarten

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