March: the month of the senses in the International Kindergarten

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Dear Parents!

March has been a great month for all of the children in the International Kindergarten! We were learning about our senses! Each week was based on each sense.

Our first week was put visual week, where we did lots of fun activities to do with sight, such as copying photographs, experimenting with paint and making butterflies. We also did a very fun science experiment, where we watched what happened when we put food colouring in milk! The children were able to move the colours around with pencils and toothpicks and all had great fun!

March International Kids Center

March International Kids Center

Our second week was about different textures! Many of you brought in some very interesting toys and the children loved comparing the textures! We made a texture collage with different pieces of paper, which they really enjoyed!! We did another great science experiment with the children, which involved cornflour and water mixed together as the kids love how the mixture was both a solid and a liquid!

We learned a lot about taste and smell too! We did lots of various tasting and smelling activities during lunchtimes!

We celebrated Saint Patrick’s day on the 17th March and Father’s Day on the 19th March. We talked about each topic, using stories and photos and did lots of various activities, such as painting class murals and making cards.

March_International Kids Center

March_International Kids Center

We also learned a lot about Easter, we painted Easter eggs and made Easter bunny hats! We also had a an Easter egg hunt in the centre!!

Now it’s April and we are learning about Knights, Princesses and dragons, as well as other fairytale characters! We are all getting ready for Saint George’s day in the centre and the children are especially enjoying the dragons!

We would like to invite all the children to come to the centre in fancy dress for Saint George’s day, on the 23rd April! We would like each child to come as their favourite character from the story of Saint George!!

Many thanks

El petit pandaMarch: the month of the senses in the International Kindergarten

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